Trade and foreign direct investment (FDI) are two key drivers of economic prosperity. In addition to creating jobs and injecting capital into the local economy, their welfare-enhancing effects – vis-à-vis supply chain linkages and technology transfers – remain desirable.

Trade, FDI, and Innovation for Sustainable Development in Africa (TFi4SD Africa) is a policy-market framework intended to help maximize the opportunities presented by trade and FDI for enhanced competitiveness and productivity growth. Launched in 2017, the TFi4SD Africa paradigm is designed to achieve this objective without jeopardizing environmental and social sustainability.

In addition to cutting-edge research and analysis, from time to time, TFi4SD Africa convenes senior-level, invitation-only forums – in a collaborative environment – to discuss and harness best practices from around the world to help cultivate a deeper understanding of Africa’s position in the changing global economic order.

With stakeholders from government, industry, academia, and the civic sector, these meetings focus on trade, FDI, innovation, and sustainability in the new economy. Public-private interactions lie at the core of the TFi4SD Africa paradigm.

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