Sponsors & Partners 2022

Trade, FDI, and Innovation for Sustainable Development

Launched in 2017, the TFi4SD Africa (Trade, FDI, and Innovation for Sustainable Development in Africa) initiative is a policy-market framework intended to help maximize the opportunities presented by trade and FDI for enhanced competitiveness and productivity growth across African economies. The TFi4SD Africa paradigm is designed to achieve this objective without jeopardizing environmental and social sustainability. Consistent with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations, the TFi4SD framework is dedicated to ensuring that African economies optimize interactions in the trade-FDI-innovation nexus to deliver the SDGs – for the benefit of all Africans.

Great North Ventures

Great North Ventures is a network-driven investor with deep roots and density in rising tech cities, outside traditional venture capital hubs. Great North Ventures was formed to bring investors and entrepreneurs together foremost in the Upper Midwest and more broadly in US regions where supply of venture capital is limited. The founders recognized that these regions have extraordinary entrepreneurial talent, and with mentorship from domain experts, can deliver superior returns.

The Economic Club of Africa in New York

The Economic Club of Africa in New York (ECANY) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization created in a bid to further deepen the US-Africa trade and investment relationship. ECANY fosters meaningful connections among business and policy leaders — with US-Africa trade and investment interests — in the New York metropolitan area. From time to time, the Club hosts events where global influencers, Fortune 500 CEOs, renowned thought leaders, top policymakers and diplomats, elected officials, high-profile entrepreneurs, distinguished academics, and philanthropists share insights on contemporary economic, business, and public policy issues with implications for US-Africa relations. The Club provides networking opportunities and unparalleled access to a network of global leaders. All in-person events happen in New York City — the global capital of commerce, finance, innovation, and diversity.

Resource Mobilization Africa

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, low commodity prices, high debt levels, low levels of domestic savings, and weak private capital were a drag on GDP growth across several African economies. With both domestic and external financing drying up in the face of the pandemic, and its aftermath, existing unmet financing needs for the SDGs in Africa will be further exacerbated. Given high debt levels and limited fiscal space in several African countries, financing needs must be aligned with available pools of domestic and external capital. Lessons from past crises show that African policymakers can weather the storm and rebuild more resilient economies across the continent. To ensure the current crisis does not erase years of development gains, and that African countries are more resilient to future crises, it is important to rethink and reconfigure current private, public, domestic, and external financing sources under a forward-looking framework. The Resource Mobilization Africa Group is leading the way.

Emerging Markets Institute

Founded in 2010, the Emerging Markets Institute at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University provides thought leadership on the role of emerging markets—and emerging market multinationals—in the global economy. The Institute brings together preeminent practitioners and academics from around the world to develop the next generation of global business leaders and create the premier research center on the role of emerging markets in the global economy.

Pan-African School of Policy Innovation

The Pan-African School of Policy Innovation (PASPi) is a graduate, professional school fostering an entrepreneurial environment in the public policy development process. We harness opportunities in the policy-market nexus to transform policy innovation in Africa. PASPi brings a multistakeholder approach to public policy innovation through the Quadruple Helix model – by harnessing the perspectives of key actors across academia, industry, government, and civil society. We are pioneering novel solutions by taking full advantage of technology and emerging opportunities to reimagine and redefine policy innovation on the continent.

Economic Innovation Institute for Africa

The Economic Innovation Institute for Africa (EIIA) is a non-profit public policy research and innovation outfit dedicated to fostering public-private dialogue on Africa-centric issues. Founded in 2015 as the Global Economic Institute for Africa, EIIA has evolved over the years. From time to time, the Institute convenes stakeholders from government, industry, academia, and the civic sector to debate public policy issues and harness best practices from around the world to help cultivate a deeper understanding of Africa’s position in the changing global economic order.

Sprott Centre for AFrican Research and Business

The Sprott Centre for African Research and Business (SCARAB) is a strategic research unit within the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University, with a mission to promote Africa-focused business research, evidence-based analysis, training, consultancy, and development services to private, public, and not-for-profit organizations. SCARAB offers a variety of flexible, Africa-focused business programs designed to help individuals and organizations build capacity for success. Through these programs and initiatives, the Centre brings together business experts, entrepreneurs, institutions, and organizations from a variety of fields, encouraging and facilitating an interdisciplinary approach to research activities.

The Norman Paterson School of International Affairs

The Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (NPSIA) is housed within Carleton University’s Faculty of Public Affairs. NPSIA offers the most comprehensive, advanced degree programs in international affairs at the Master’s and Doctoral level in Canada. NPSIA utilizes various programs that provide students with opportunities to enhance their interest and knowledge through conferences, internship programs, exchange programs, as well as providing access to general information.

SaltGate Global

SaltGate Global is a leading sustainable infrastructure firm focused on clean energy and climate solutions, urban innovation, sustainable mining, and agribusiness innovation. Headquartered in Canada, with a presence across the US and Africa, we develop and execute forward-thinking strategies that enable us to deliver outstanding outcomes for our clients.